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Noi tehnologii de E-Learning

Software şi management educaţional

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"Learning is evolution of knowledge over time." Roger E. Bohn

Promovarea tehnologiilor moderne în educaţie şi cercetare

"Imagination is everything. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand". A. Einstein

Expozitia "Software Educaţional 2008"

Concursul "Software Educaţional 2008" (criterii de evaluare)


A (Cercetare, dezvoltare) - Metodologii şi Tehnologii Virtual Learning şi Virtual Reality - implementare şi aplicaţii

B (Proiecte şi aplicaţii) - Software Educaţional în învăţământul universitar

C (Proiecte şi aplicaţii) - Software Educaţional în învăţământul preuniversitar

D (Proiecte şi aplicaţii) - "Intel® Education" - eLearning Environments for 21st Century

E (Strategii, Obiective, Calitate) - Training si Management Educational

Expoziţia "Software educaţional" - Produse software, tehnica de calcul si echipamente multimedia

Concursul "Software educaţional" - Lucrari, proiecte, programe, produse software

Aria tematică şi subiecte


    • Innovative Teaching and Learning Technologies
    • Web-based Methods and Tools in Traditional, Online Education and Training
    • Collaborative E-Learning, E-Pedagogy,
    • Design and Development of Online Courseware
    • Information and Knowledge Processing
    • Knowledge Representation and Ontologism
    • Cognitive Modelling and Intelligent systems
    • Algorithms and Programming for Modelling

    • Innovative Web-based Teaching and Learning Technologies
    • Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) technologies
    • Web, Virtual Reality/AR and mixed technologies
    • Web-based Education (WBE), Web-based Training (WBT)
    • New technologies for e-Learning, e-Training and e-Skills
    • Educational Technology, Web-Lecturing Technology
    • Mobile E-Learning, Communication Technology Applications
    • Computer Graphics and Computational Geometry
    • Intelligent Virtual Environment

    • New software environments for education & training
    • Software and management for education
    • Virtual Reality Applications in Web-based Education
    • Computer Graphics, Web, VR/AR and mixed-based applications for education & training, business, medicine, industry and other sciences
    • Multi-agent Technology Applications in WBE and WBT
    • Streaming Multimedia Applications in Learning
    • Scientific Web-based Laboratories and Virtual Labs
    • Software Computing in Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence
    • Avatars and Intelligent Agents
  • "Intel® Education" - Learning, Technology, Science [ Link |]:

    • Digital Curriculum, collaborative rich-media applications, student software, teacher software
    • Improved Learning Methods, interactive and collaborative methods to help teachers incorporate technology into their lesson plans and enable students to learn anytime, anywhere
    • Professional Development, readily available training to help teachers acquire the necessary ICT skills
    • Connectivity and Technology, group projects and improve communication among teachers, students, parents and administrators