Conferinta Nationala de Invatamant Virtual

Editia a III-a, 28 - 30 Octombrie 2005



CNIV 2003 | 2004 | 2005

Expozitia "Software Educational 2006"

Concursul "Software Educational 2006" (criterii de evaluare)


A (Cercetare, dezvoltare) - Tehnologii si Metodologii Virtual Learning si Virtual Reality - implementare si aplicatii

B (Proiecte si aplicatii) - Software Educational in invatamantul universitar

C (Proiecte si aplicatii) - Software Educational in invatamantul preuniversitar

D (Strategii, Obiective, Calitate) - Training si Management Educational

Aria tematica si subiecte


    • Innovative Teaching and Learning Technologies
    • Web-based Methods and Tools in Traditional, Online Education and Training
    • Collaborative E-Learning, E-Pedagogy,
    • Design and Development of Online Courseware
    • Information and Knowledge Processing
    • Knowledge Representation and Ontologism
    • Cognitive Modelling and Intelligent systems
    • Algorithms and Programming for Modelling

    • Innovative Web-based Teaching and Learning Technologies
    • Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) technologies
    • Web, Virtual Reality/AR and mixed technologies
    • Web-based Education (WBE), Web-based Training (WBT)
    • New technologies for e-Learning, e-Training and e-Skills
    • Educational Technology, Web-Lecturing Technology
    • Mobile E-Learning, Communication Technology Applications
    • Computer Graphics and Computational Geometry
    • Intelligent Virtual Environment

    • New software environments for education & training
    • Software and management for education
    • Virtual Reality Applications in Web-based Education
    • Computer Graphics, Web, VR/AR and mixed-based applications for education & training, business, medicine, industry and other sciences
    • Multi-agent Technology Applications in WBE and WBT
    • Streaming Multimedia Applications in Learning
    • Scientific Web-based Laboratories and Virtual Labs
    • Software Computing in Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence
    • Avatars and Intelligent Agents